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Hello and welcome to Young Sings!
I am Elizabeth Young, entertainer, singer/comedienne and writer. I’ve performed in concerts and plays for 20+ years and counting.

The Day Penny Drowned

A successful 6 performances of Elizabeth’s first stage play, the satire, The Day Penny Drowned has just ended!

“A successful playwright, Penny should be on the top of the world. She and Brad are on their way to a romantic getaway to celebrate the success of her Broadway show. However, her family proceeds to force their way into her plans, and she is soon overwhelmed by their presence — as well as their drama…

Can she find a balance between all of the forces demanding her time and energy? Will her family just give her a day or two alone to regain herself and sanity? Is she in over her head and if so, will she sink or swim? Find out for yourself.”
Wendy Carson

As producer and author, this is her second original work at IndyFringe Festival of Indiana!

Next month, she’ll be singing in France!

What People Are Saying About
Elizabeth Young-Collins

“[Why Be Normal] is a remarkable, heartbreaking and hilarious story of how it’s never too late to follow your dreams.  Even if people think it’s impossible or you get little encouragement, the divine will lead you.  Whether you are 15 years old or 80, you’ll enjoy this show. You’ll hear some beautiful music from a professional singer who recently moved to Indiana after living in Boston for over 30 years.”
Indy Arts Guide

“You’ll be aroused, you’ll be confused, you’ll feel used and amused.”
Her husband’s review

“Elizabeth Young-Collins was a breath of fresh air when she spoke to our non-profit group recently.  She combines self-effacing humor, story-telling, music, and a gentle message that is easy and welcoming on the after-dinner soul.  While a relative newbie on the after-dinner circuit, she has over 20 years as a motivational speaker and vocalist.  She was organized and tailored her message to our specific group. She was also willing to stay after to chat and answer questions. Well worth your group’s time to check her out!”
Janet W.,  Muncie, IN

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Why I Sing

Singing is always a personal experience for me. I love music, and am committed to bringing that passion to bear on my performances no matter what the song or occasion. My vocal repertoire spans many genres: inspirational and spiritual songs, patriotic standards, Broadway show tunes, folk, soft rock, swing jazz ballads, and classic hits. I also have experience singing and acting for TV and radio commercials, as well as performing in musicals and plays.

Singing is the first form of prayer. What a privilege to be able to

  • touch your hearts
  • lift your spirits
  • help celebrate special occasions
  • honor the passing of your loved ones.

I also sing because I am a bird at heart.

Nothing means more to me than to listen to an Italian man cry after I sing God Bless America and tell me how much it means to him that he lives in America (true story). A seemingly incoherent speechless woman stricken with Alzheimer’s comes up to my microphone and starts singing beautifully all the words to You Belong to Me (true). I sing now because my brothers used to pay me to shut up (Ok, that’s false – or is it?).

I'd love to help you with your next...

• Private party  • Corporate event  • Wedding  • Festival
• Cruise  • Concert  • Fundraiser  • and any other event!

I love drawing communities together for all occasions, bringing passion, music, and laughter
to the stage for the benefit of my audiences.