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Hello and welcome to Young Sings!
I am Elizabeth Young, an entertainer and singer with a talent for creating and putting on unique shows. I have had the amazing opportunity to travel all over the country performing concerts, hosting events, singing and acting in musicals and plays for 20+ years. Click here see a video of my performance for Greensburg, Indiana’s World War I Commemoration.

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Singing, Dancing, Acting

My passion for music and theater have led me to a career on stage, singing, acting, and producing shows for national audiences. Over the years, my audiences have hired me to do impersonations of famous singers, which include Marilyn Monroe (a hit for a birthday party) and Patsy Cline. By working with my clients, their managers and musicians, I can bring an event theme to life: personalized jingles, MC-ing, variety acts, celebrity tributes, and a hand-picked set of songs everyone will love.

Why I Sing

Singing is always a personal experience for me. I love music, and am committed to bringing that passion to bear on my performances no matter what the song or occasion. My vocal repertoire spans many genres: inspirational and spiritual songs, patriotic standards, Broadway show tunes, folk, soft rock, swing jazz ballads, and classic hits. I also have experience singing and acting for TV and radio commercials, as well as performing in musicals and plays.

Singing is the first form of prayer. What a privilege to be able to

  • touch your hearts
  • lift your spirits
  • help celebrate special occasions
  • honor the passing of your loved ones.

I also sing because I am a bird at heart.

Nothing means more to me than to listen to an Italian man cry after I sing God Bless America and tell me how much it means to him that he lives in America (true story). A seemingly incoherent speechless woman stricken with Alzheimer’s comes up to my microphone and starts singing beautifully all the words to You Belong to Me (true). I sing now because my brothers used to pay me to shut up (Ok, that’s false – or is it?).

I'd love to help you with your next...

• Private party  • Corporate event  • Wedding  • Festival
• Cruise  • Concert  • Fundraiser  • and any other event!

I love drawing communities together for all occasions, bringing passion, music, and laughter
to the stage for the benefit of my audiences.